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Company Profile
  • Damar Worldwide began selling our own DAMAR® brand light bulbs and lighting supplies to wholesale lighting and electrical distributors nationwide. Damar Worldwide contracts with leading lighting manufacturers worldwide to produce products under strict specifications. Damar is proud to offer top quality products at discounted prices and our extensive inventories rivals our competitors.
  • Damar Worldwide moved into its expanded new distribution facility with over 94,000 square feet of inventory storage. With this new warehouse, we are able to have "in stock" one of the largest inventories of lighting supplies ready for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. Unlike some others in the lighting business, we do not operate from an office, then get your bulbs from someone else with long delays. We at Damar believe in timely delivery to our customers.
  • With sales rocketing to new heights, we have added Canada to our sales area. We provide the same quality service and delivery to Canada as we have to the United States.
  • Damar is reacting to customers requests that we provide newer items, so, we redesigned our warehouse to handle those new items. With us adding new items weekly our warehouse filled even more.
  • Damar started its manufacturing division to handle in house safe-shielding of incandescent lamps. We have also added a specialty department for quality painting of light bulbs. We are able to now supply customers with custom painted incandescent lamps in almost any color.
  • Safe-Shield® of HID, incandescent lamps, and heat lamps was started to help in the supply of coated lamps for the food, medical, safety and educational industry.
  • We extended our sales areas to include Mexico and the Philippines.
  • We outgrew our computer system and installed a new IBM RS6000 to handle the growing inventory.
  • To better handle shipping to customers, we implemented a new electronic UPS manifesting and shipping system.
  • Upgraded our UPS shipping system to new bar-coding methods, which means better tracking and better delivery of customer packages.
  • We established new nationwide contracts with freight lines to ensure more cost effective delivery of our products. Our current inventory of items has risen 25% just from 1997 with new products and technologies being developed and distributed by us. We will continue to bring these products to the lighting industry well into the 21st century and we plan to still provide our customers with what we have been know for since 1981 which is Great Products Fast.
  • In February DAMAR® moved into a new 380,000 square foot distribution center in Aurora, MO to better serve our customers. Warehouse Photo

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